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The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is working to improve individual and systemic health care through translational clinical scientific research, education and workforce training, commercialization of technologies, and job creation.

Your gift, no matter what the size, will help build excellence that cannot be reached solely by state support and federal grants alone.  For example, your contribution can be used to hire a faculty with critical cutting-edge expertise or help a student or postdoctoral fellow focus on a groundbreaking research project.

The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine has identified key fundraising priorities as listed in the Designation box below.

If you would like to designate your gift to one of the areas listed below, please select Other under designation to identify the area you wish to support.

Item Suggested Amount
Lab Materials 100
Chemicals $50-500
Agarose for DNA gels $250
PCR kit $250
DNA Purification Kit $250
Exome Capture Kit $200
Exome Sequence $800
Genome Sequence $3,000
Equipment Suggested Amount
Centrifuge $10,000
PCR Machine $6,000
Superlow Lab Freezer $9,000
Students and Personnel Suggested Amount
Undergraduate Fellowship $5,000/year
Graduate Fellowship $30,000/year
Research Technician $35,000/year


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